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Created in 1995, ECOLIT is born from the reflection and thoughts of horses professionals combined to those of flax specialists. The increasing demand of substitute to palliate the problems of an increasingly rare straw, difficult to stock, often allergen and generating manure problems brought these professionals to create a first bedding made of dust free flax shive.

The permanent relations that ECOLIT maintains with the biggest French champions in all federal disciplines, as well as big equestrian centres, but also with the racing world and the foreign professionals, allows it to keep a permanent monitoring on one another’s demands. It is why in 2003, to answer the requirements of these customers, ECOLIT decided to spread its range of products.

Extremely heedful as for the quality of its products, ECOLIT watches over the well-being and the good health of the horses, as well as time and money saving of their owners.

Perfectly dust free, the beddings as well as fodder avoid the respiratory problems.

Packaging makes handling and storage very easy.

Leader in France and worldwide n°1 in terms of production capacity and development, ECOLIT exports all over the world with a service and a reactivity beyond competition. 

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