COPOLIT is made of planing wood shavings exclusively stemming from white northern firs (Spruce), untreated and dry at 18%. Firs come from « Eco certified » forests, that is to say that for every cut tree, the forester committed to replant 3 of them. Shavings are removed from dust before being bagged.


Once the dust has been removed, and the quality controlled, the bedding is compacted in 120 litres recyclable plastic bags closed by thermic welding. Bags are then loaded on wrapped pallets and finally sent by trucks or sea. ECOlit exports all around the world. It is the leader on its market in France and n°1 worldwide in terms of production and development capacities.


First lay out of 5 bags for a 9m² stable - add 1 bag per additional 3m².Remove dungs and urine plates twice a day and shake the bedding entirely to air it. Add an average of 1 to 2 bags per week to maintain the initial volume. Renew the stable every 6 to 8 weeks.

Consumption : About 60 bags per annum and by horse.


COPOLIT is compacted in 120 litres bags of a minimum weight of 20 Kg. Bags are loaded on euro palettes 80 x 120 cm. x 2,35 m. height, taking up 1m². 1 palette contains 21 bags. Fast delivery