100% Natural Fresh Fodder

Premium haylage, 100% Natural, consistent high quality selection of ryegrass, alfalfa, timothy...


FOURRAGE Fraîcheur (Fresh FODDER) – long stem hay, dust free

FOURRAGE Fraîcheur (Fresh FODDER) – highly digestible forage, helps stimulate bowel mobility

FOURRAGE Fraîcheur (Fresh FODDER) – preserves fresh grass nutritional benefits up to 90%, packaged into airtight bales maintaining an anaerobic environment.

FOURRAGE Fraîcheur(Fresh FODDER) – certified ISO 9001..


FOURRAGE Fraîcheur (Fresh FODDER) – feed 1 to 1.5 kg per 100 kg body weight per day.

FOURRAGE Fraîcheur (Fresh FODDER) – use within 4 days after opening.

FOURRAGE Fraîcheur( Fresh FODDER) – can be stored outdoor but avoid direct sunlight and to puncture the bags.

FOURRAGE Fraîcheur (Fresh FODDER)– easy to handle, use within 10 months after manufacturing date (see on bale side)


FOURRAGE Fraîcheur (Fresh FODDER) is packed in 20 Kg bags. Bags are loaded on palettes 100 x 120 cm. x 2,35 m. height, taking up 1,20m². 1 palette contains 45 bags. Fast delivery.